Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thrifty Baby Nursery

When I found out I was expecting I made a list of everything we would need for a baby.  I sifted through baby books, magazines and advice from others on what would be needed.  My list included everything from diapers to a stroller, a total of about 40 items.  I quickly discovered that this baby venture would be quite pricey! 

So, I hit up Craigslist and garage sales big time!  Kate was born in the fall.  I attended about 20 yard sales throughout the spring and summer prior to her being born.  I am now a firm believer in buying baby gear used.  Most of these items were in great condition when I bought them.  Some needed a little work.  I sewed new cushions for the glider and painted the dresser and changing table.  The only thing we opted to buy new was the car seat/travel system (which we actually received as a gift, thanks Mom!).  The whole expiration date on car seats was a good reason to start new, considering we may want more babies.  And, strollers tend to get some wear and tear and starting new seemed smart with future kids in mind. In the end, everything (with the exception of the travel system) was used! 

Here are some examples of some of my best finds:

Sony baby monitors with two receivers: New: $52 Found used for $5
Changing Table: Free!  Someone put this out on the end of their driveway with a free price tag!
Fisher Price Cradle Swing: New: $126 Found Used: $50
Jumperoo: New: $73 Used: $30


  1. Send me that list! Totally not kidding. I need it. Now. I know it's incredibly unlikely, but I am terrified that our baby will be like 6 or 8 weeks early and we won't have anything!

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  3. Emily, you are sewwwwww talented in many areas! Your quilts are beautiful and that rocking horse is amazing. Thanks for sharing!