Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lamp Revamp

This lamp was found at the Salvation Army for $6.  It’s not often one can find a lamp with a matching lampshade in good shape at a thrift store.  Sold!

Lamp Before

Krylon makes a spray paint line called Krylon X Metals.  It can be used to paint metals.  I thought it would look nice on the lamp. The paint can says that you can use an optional special primer.  I opted not to use that, but I wish I had.  The paint went on nicely, but it dripped in a couple of spots, and I think using the primer could have avoided the dripping. 

I have seen lots of lamp shade redos online, and I have wanted to try it myself.  The shade had a nice drum shape.  The fabric I chose had enough white in it so that the light would shine through nicely.  I sprayed the entire shade with adhesive rubber cement glue (use the spray adhesive outside, it’s messy stuff).  Then I carefully laid the shade on the fabric and pressed it onto the shade smoothing out all of the wrinkles.  Then I trimmed off all of the excess fabric  except for a quarter inch or so.  I then wrapped the excess quarter inch of fabric around the top and bottom of the frame and glued it down with craft glue so that no raw edges of fabric show.  

Shiny Red!


  1. Ummm... everything in my apartment hides from you in shame. You're amazeballs!

  2. I would have never thought about painting a metal lamp base like this. I din't know there were paints for that! This turned out great!!